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Dragon Silk by Kraig Biocraft Laboratories
Biotech components: Animal
Business models: B2B
Country of production: USA
Country of distribution: USA + Vietnam
Intended consumer: Commercial + Government
Date added: 2018/08/30 11:49 (2 years ago)
Date last modified: 2018/08/30 11:49 (2 years ago)
Known funding amount: 5,000,000 USD
Funding types: Government + Shareholder Investment
Industry: Industrial
Market status: On the market
Organization type(s): Public Company
Product categories: Fiber
Production process: Closed Production
Source: Scientist Magazine
Trading symbol: KBLB (OTCMKTS)
Value chain stage: Input
GM Yeast to make Cannabis by University of California, Berkeley + Demetrix Inc.
Biotech components: Yeast
Business models: B2B
Country of production: N/A
Country of distribution: N/A
Intended consumer: N/A
Date added: 2019/09/12 15:18 (1 year ago)
Date last modified: 2019/09/12 15:18 (1 year ago)
Known funding amount: 11,000,000 USD
Funding types: Venture Capital
Industry: Medical
Market status: Early Stage Concept
Organization type(s): Private Company + University
Product categories: Medicine
Production process: N/A
Source: Scientist Magazine
Trading symbol: N/A
Value chain stage: Input